Our Story

Waterleaf was founded by Jill and Suzanne, who merged their unique design styles to create a cohesive aesthetic. Jill, who used to work in clothing design, brings her expertise in fabrics and prints to combine different patterns, colors, and historical elements in interior design.

Jill Johnson, Suzanne Ascher, and Wilson at Waterleaf Home.

Suzanne, on the other hand, worked at Ralph Lauren and prioritizes creating lasting and versatile designs for the home.

The two designers met in California in 1994 and have since worked on various projects together. With a decade-long friendship and a shared passion for design, Waterleaf officially opened its doors in July 2006. They have successfully completed numerous projects, from beach cottages along the California coast to a penthouse in Singapore, with a hands-on approach to ensure the clients' goals are met.

Waterleaf's design style is best described as clean, timeless, and classic, with a touch of the unexpected. Their store in Manhattan Beach offers a unique blend of vintage pieces, designer bedding, modern coastal furniture, art, and one-of-a-kind accessories.

Jill Johnson and Suzanne Ascher at Waterleaf Home.